Monday, February 13, 2012

Harvard Summer School 2012 --->

Management Courses at Harvard Summer School 2012 --->

Home page --->

Quote from website: "Having a master’s degree is a good thing, but having a transcript that says ‘Harvard’ on it definitely strengthens it. It’s basically an investment in my future to come here."

Economics / Finance courses --->

Registration ---> March 1 to May 21, 2012.
Tuition ---> 4 credit course approx. $3000 for Canadians (or more, depending on visa paperwork and so on) + health insurance costs.

Contact info:
Phone: (617) 495-4293

(Boy, I really, reallllly wish I could go. But can not. Have to stay in Toronto. Perhaps in 2013? I hope someone else finds this info useful and takes up this opportunity. Go for it! Harvard on the resume is gold + useful networks, may be?!)

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