Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is it easy for an MBA to make a hundred thousand dollars a year ($100,000)? NO!!!

I remember asking one of my professors in class if it easy for new MBAs to make a hundred thousand dollars a year. And the answer was a NO ! Especially not in this economy.

It takes years for MBAs to develop the seniority (and not everyone gets there) to be able to make $100,000 a year. How ever, the students who are able to successfully transition into high paying sectors like Finance or Consulting, or start businesses, or are willing to relocate to places where thye pay is high (? Alberta) are perhaps able to reach that target more easily.

I am guessing that if you are persistent, you can always find a way to make the big bucks. However, strange enough, a lot of classmates I know do not want to chase big bucks alone. A lot of them value family time and free time as much as money.

Me, personally, for now, would not mind chasing the big bucks through ethical means. If I am working for myself, for my business, that is totally fair. If I am working for a company, I would want to prove my worth and contribute well enough to deserve a good pay package....

More on this later. Internships are closing in, and I shall post blogs about internships and jobs soon...

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