Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PhD from Glasgow / Edinburgh seems to be a trend for Canadian MBAs. Every MBA would love a PhD, eh?

There are a lot of Canadian MBAs who pursue PhD from UK. I am guessing that the PhDs from there are not only recognized in Canada, but also easier to get. Now, ask any MBA about PhD, and I am sure that every MBA would love to have a PhD. It is the next level of attainment of respectability. It is something that shall differentiate you from "that other guy with an MBA" or "that other gal with an MBA". Duh! It seems like everyone has an MBA these days and as if MBAs are dime a dozen, LOL.

Here are some useful links for now:

PhD student talks about his experience - UoE Business School from uoebusiness on Vimeo.

Now, would I like to have a PhD myself? Ya man !!! Why not? :) Just look at the video above. How cool it sounds to be a PhD student. It is the next best thing to Godliness. It is magical !!! Life offers you so many options. It is important to choose wisely. A PhD is certainly a wise investment for the future. One can go into Teaching in Business Schools or Research or get a Corporate job after PhD in Business...

Gerry Som.

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