Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is political neutrality a good strategy for businesses or a bad one? Should a business have a political alignment and is it a wise decision to go public about it?

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Quick thoughts:
  • It is better to keep your political alignment to yourself, to avoid offending people who may think differently.
  • Humans are thinking beings and we all have our biases, choices and preferences. And there is NOTHING wrong with it, as long as you do not express it explicitly and cause trouble to the general public.
  • No one has ever been sued or punished for having a belief. It is for expressing and acting on the beliefs that people are punished, LOL :)
  • So, IMHO (In my humble opinion), it is better not to wear your political patronage on your sleeve.
  • However, I do know of companies - and there are many - who openly donate to political campaigns with the hope of having favourable legislations passed. I do not know what to say. - Good for them.
  • But personally, I would not want my company to be open about its political opinions or leanings :)
- Gerry Som.

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