Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is good to know that Mitt Romney has an MBA, is a Management Consultant and was a CEO. Hope he is smart enough to run a country (if need arises). God knows that USA needs better management !

From the Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitt_Romney

Mr. Mitt Romney is much in the news these days as the Republican candidate with promise.

What interests me is that he is an MBA from HBS (Harvard Business School) and a Management Consultant, who has worked at Bain & Company as well as BCG (Boston Consulting Group). Eventually, he became CEO of Bain & Co.

If not anything, I am glad that there is a smart alternative to Mr.Barack Obama. I hope that Mitt Romney is capable of running the country - USA - if need arises. God knows that USA needs better management.

I have high regards for Mr. Obama, though there are discussions in general public that he could have done better. I am a Canadian and I like to stick to my Canadian business and keep away from the American business.

Which brings me to the topic ---> Is political neutrality a good strategy for businesses or a bad one? Should a business have a political alignment and is it a wise decision to go public about it? Will blog about it someday :)

- Gerry Som.

Here is an extract about the Management Consulting work done by Mr. Mitt Romney from Wiki:

Management consulting
Romney was heavily recruited and, after graduation, chose to remain in Massachusetts to work for Boston Consulting Group (BCG), thinking that working as a management consultant to a variety of companies would prepare him for a future job as a chief executive. Romney was part of a 1970s wave of top graduates who chose to go into consulting rather than join a major company directly. Romney's legal and business education proved useful in his job, and he became a rising star while applying BCG principles such as the growth-share matrix.

In 1977, he was hired away by Bain & Company, a management consulting firm in Boston that had been formed a few years earlier by Bill Bain and other former BCG employees. Bain would later say of the thirty-year-old Romney, "He had the appearance of confidence of a guy who was maybe ten years older." With Bain & Company, Romney learned the "Bain way", which consisted of immersing the firm in each client's business, and not simply to issue recommendations, but to stay with the company until they were changed for the better.

With a record of helping clients such as the Monsanto Company, Outboard Marine Corporation, Burlington Industries, and Corning Incorporated, Romney became a vice president of the firm in 1978 and within a few years one of its best consultants and one sought after by clients over more senior partners. Romney became a believer in Bain's methods; he later said, "The idea that consultancies should not measure themselves by the thickness of their reports, or even the elegance of their writing, but rather by whether or not the report was effectively implemented was an inflection point in the history of consulting."

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