Saturday, February 11, 2012

List of the cars that I have owned so far (Between graduation from Medical School and before graduating from Business School).

Ok, so I seem to be in the mood to make lists today :) Here is the list of cars that I have owned in my life - at different times, of course. I was so used to changing cars every now and then. Not expensive ones. I did lose about 20% value each time, but it was fun to experience all types of vehicles - sedans, van & SUV.
These cars were bought with my OWN hard earned money, mind you :)))) I have worked as a doctor (General Practitioner, Emergency Room Doctor & Flight Doctor) in the past and have been able to make decent money in the past. Ok, I have never bought a brand new car so far and I am not a fan of / in favour of buying new cars. I like to buy cars after they have lost their initial depreciation, but still have the quality. I prefer cars that are more than 2 years old.

The list:

In India:
  1. Fiat - Premier Padmini
  2. Maruti Omni
  3. Maruti 800
  4. Ambassador
In the Middle East:
  1. Toyota Cressida
  2. Mitsubishi Lancer
  3. Nissan Sunny
In Canada:
  1. Toyota Sienna
  2. Nissan Xterra
Currenlty car-less (as a student, owning a car is not my priority, right now. I am happy / satisfied with using the TTC). But after graduation, I would perhaps consider a Toyota Venza or a Mercedes Benz R320 CDI Cross-over vehicle.

Which was my favourite vehicle among all these, so far? Of course, the first vehicle is always special. But my best has to be the Nissan Xterra. It was a beast and I absolutely LOVED it. I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Toyota Sienna as well.

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