Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some confusion about career direction. Finally decided to blend Medicine & Business. And not abandon Medical training & know-how.

There are 4 specific areas which interest me:
  1. Entrepreneurship - starting a business, preferably healthcare related.
  2. Healthcare Management Consulting.  
  3. General Management Consulting.
  4. Marketing.
However, when it comes to choosing a specific path, it can get a little confusing...

The question is.. yes, I do have knowledge of business management now. But should I throw away my training and experience in the field of healthcare, in favour of general business consulting? I am a bit hesitatant to do so.

I spoke to someone recently and the person said "It is easier for someone to become an MBA than to become an MD". Kinda true. That person insisted that I should go back to practicing Medicine in Canada or pursure Healthcare Management. And that I should not discontinue using my knowledge of Medicine.

Another person I spoke to, insisted that I had way too much experience and medical knowledge to go for an internship. He suggested that I should enter into a job contract iummediately after this term. That makes sense too. An internship may pay peanuts compared to a full time employment. Something to think about.

I do not remember how many times I have changed my resume and varied it in the direction of Marketing sometimes, Consulting sometimes and Entrepreneurship, sometimes. However, I do need to settle down with one choice. With the job market presently not in the best of shape, I should focus on a field that shall ensure guaranteed employment or a sustainable business opportunity.

After a lot of thinking, my stand today is that I should not abandon my knowledge of Medicine. So I think I am going to stick to Healthcare Management Consulting and Healthcare related Entrepreneurship. Enough of dilly dallying, already!

We are only 2 months away from completion of this Winter 2012 term. After that, we shall all chase jobs or internships. Need to make up my mind and stick to a plan :)


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