Saturday, February 11, 2012

List of all the airlines that I have flown ---> (more than 45)

Here is a list of all the airlines that I have flown:
It was mostly work related and it was common to fly more than one airline per day and land in more than 3 countries per day. (There was a time when I felt that I spent almost as much time in the air than on land, LOL)
  1. Air India
  2. Indian Airlines
  3. Jet Airways
  4. Gulf Air
  5. Saudi Airlines
  6. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)
  7. Kuwait Airlines
  8. King Fisher
  9. Deccan Airways
  10. British Airways
  11. Air France
  12. KLM
  13. TAP
  14. SAS
  15. China
  16. Cathay Pacific
  17. SpiceJet
  18. GO Air
  19. Virgin
  20. Air Canada
  21. American Airlines
  22. Delta
  23. US Airways
  24. WestJet
  25. Alaskan Air
  26. Aloha Air
  27. Korean
  28. Eva
  29. Thai
  30. JetBlue
  31. Continental
  32. Singapore Airlines
  33. Olympic
  34. Lufthansa
  35. Austrian
  36. AlItalia
  37. Emirates
  38. Aerofloat
  39. Iberia
  40. Jet Lite
  41. ANA
  42. Etihad
  43. NorthWest Airlines
  44. Transavia
  45. LOT
Plus have also flown in private Lear jets on work.

I used to have Super Elite card of Air Canada, Platinum card of KLM-Air France, Gold card of British Airways and Platinum of American Airways. But now I am back to Ivory / Silver / Blue / basic levels. Hopefully, I shall start flying again, after graduating from this MBA program and shall get back to the Super Elite & Platinum levels.

So which was my favorite airlines? I must say that I enjoy Air Canada & Westjet because they are Canadian airlines and I am a Canadian. But the airlines that I love the most is British Airways - Business class flying.

The reason - British Airways for me is HOME. It is a home in the air. It is not just the service, but the people that make the difference. I used to fly BA so often (I have transited LHR - London Heathrow more than 75 times!) that I even knew a lot of the crew by face. And I even knew a lot of the staff in teh Business class lounges and in the airport. Britain is part of the Common Wealth and I am from India. So we have a connection there. Plus British aircrew know how to treat you well - they treat you as a friend, as one of their own. Somehow, they seem to "get it". I remember once, while flying Business Class, the stewardess asked me how my day was so far. And I replied that I had a lousy day. So she gave me extra nuts (salted macadamian nuts - yum), extra drink (bloody mary) and after she was done serving, she came and sat in the aisle, next to my seat and chatted with me for almost 25 minutes and made me feel better. Small things like these and more. I love the personalized chef in LHR who makes pastas.

Boy, I have flown so many flights, I used to live in airports at one time, ha ha :) I remember one month when I went to Athens 3 times. I have been to Hawaii more than 10 times. Been to Pisa half a dozen times and so on... Fun adventures :)))

Will write more soon. But I also love the service of Thai Airways and the food of Jet Airways.

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