Friday, February 3, 2012

When you start a new business, you need to STAY IN CONTROL of the baby. Here is some insight. See how Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook stays in control.

It is so easy to lose control of a business afrter you have started it. If the founders do not have the proper focus and the ability to envision the company years down the road, then, it is possible that the investors may hijack the project and it may transform into something unintended. Here is how Mark Z stayed in control of his baby from the start. He ensured that he had enough voting rights and shares of the company. He has the vision and knew from the start that his project would be a success - such was his confidence. Some may consider this dictatorial and being in charge of some one else's money, but perhaps this was the right thing for Facebook to reach the heights that it has reached now.

From the New York Times link:

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