Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Job Strategies for Final Year MBA students

Debt, dependence & dead-end jobs! All this due to unemployment after graduation. Who needs the trouble? Here are some tips to find jobs, apart from the usual advise of networking etc.
  • Start job hunting Early.
  • Stop being picky / choosy about the exact fit (company / sector / category).
  • Get a foot in the door first. Climb the ladder later.
  • Look for locations where not everyone would want to go (remote areas / overseas job openings)
  • Do not write MBA on the resume. (one of my friends did this. He applied to a junior position at a big company, but did not write about the MBA in the resume, to avoid being seen as overqualified. He landed an interview!) 
  • More soon...
- Gerry Som.

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