Saturday, March 31, 2012

BComms & BBAs are competition to MBAs !!! or "BComms & BBAs are a threat to some MBA jobs !"

The business school where I study has the largest undergraduate business program in Canada! Our school building is filled with new students and fresh young faces everywhere! There is so much energy, joy and laughter in our school everywhere - the alleyways, the elevator, the student hang out areas, coffee shops - everywhere! (At the same time, it is no secret that our UG business program gets more attention and care as compared to our Masters programs).

However, it is these very innocent looking fresh faces that are a HUGE threat to us MBA students, when it comes to jobs, LOL :) A lot of Consulting Companies and Banks hire BBAs and BComms as Analysts and Associates. They are ok to be paid lesser than MBAs, they work hard and they are eager to learn. A lot of Auditing companies as well as retail companies hire undergrads.

MBAs are unwelcome for some entry level jobs, for some reason. Perhaps the employers think of us as prudes. MBAs have arrogance / confidence and will not be satisfied with lower paying jobs. Why? Coz we just dropped a significant amount for our MBA education and need to recover our expenses or investment - any way you look at it.

So it is sometimes the case of the cat stealing all the cream. Of course, there can be debates about who the jobs "really belong to". And who is taking whose jobs away. The reality? The jobs don't belong to nobody, bro! It is a free market. Anyone who qualifies and fits the job requirements, WINS!

- Gerry Som.

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