Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Mine is bigger than yours!" - Competition for jobs amongst MBA students.

Now that the batch is nearing the completion of the MBA program, there is competition for internships and jobs among students - whether implicit ot explicit.

What else did you expect, will happen, bro? A large pool of MBA students shall be competing for a limited pool of jobs. It is like a pack of hungry lions all attacking that one poor deer by the lakeside, LOL.

I have heard of MBA starting salaries from way low to way high. This is general talk, but I have heard of MBA grads unemployed for a while or doing odd jobs at $11 / hour while waiting to get a full time job in a suitable industry. At the same time, I have heard of MBAs with major in Finance being offered big salary packages of upto $300,000 per year (including all bonuses) - a starting salary offer made by Deutshe Bank for a position in London to an Indian IIM (Indian Institute of Management) graduate majoring in Finance! So, there is a whole spectrum of salaries.

Now, who gets what?
  •  Effort is directly proportional to result (or at least that is how it ought to be!) More job applications = better chance of finding jobs
  • Those who start job hunt early have better chances
  • Those with strong networks may be able to find positions faster
  • Those who are good at promoting themselves have better chances
  • Those with suitable under graduate education (that are favourable to the job market) may have better chances of employment than those whose UG degrees are not in demand.
  • More soon...
- Gerry Som.

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