Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final year MBAs have high value in the Marriage Market! Just a matter of converting the intangibles to tangible assets!

As the MBA students near the end of their education and get close to starting their internships or jobs, their value is bound to rise in the marriage market! This is in regards to those who are single / unattched and looking for a life partner.

At this stage, the MBA has begun to transition from a spender to an earner and having almost completed the business education, has a huge potential. The individual's net worth increases because of the intangible assests - knowledge of business management. The intangibles convert to tangible assests within a matter of weeks or months after graduation - signing bonuses / good pay packages / good job offers.

So for all the single girls and guys out there looking to get married, here is a secret or a tip ---> Find a nice final year MBA student with good background, good character & integrity, good academic record and lots of ambition. You just can't go wrong, LOL. Yes, we are in the midst of an economic slowdown. But you know what is good? The next boom shall be here in less than a decade. MBAs are paid well. And the hiring frenzy and big bonuses will comeback. In any case, no matter what the external factors, the smart ones shall always find a way to thrive and succeed!

Of course, there is the drive to make the world a better place. But career success is huge for MBA students and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to be successful.

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Toronto, Canada.

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