Saturday, April 14, 2012

Status Update: I COMPLETED my Winter 2012 term !!! Yay !!! + Hunt for internship is on!

Done with my Winter 2012 term of the MBA. All my theory classes are over and all my practical classes are over too. I just have one small assignment to take care of. That is a huge relief! A big load off my head! Should complete all my work in a day or two and then, I shall be a free bird for a while!

I deserve a break and how!

Russell Peters is in town, and is having a show today. I wish I could go, but I have some assignments to take care of. Will not be able to go. Have to sit out the day and finish all the writing work. One thing about the MBA program is that you have to get used to sitting on your chair for long hours and stare at your computer until you comploete all the reports. If you have a short attention span, then, you can not be very productive.

The search for an internship position has begun now. I had previously applied to a lot of places on my own, but had not got placed. But I had used a generic resume and had not customised my cover letters and resume then. I am now trying a more focused approach. Hope this works for me now. I have applied at a few places recently. Am waiting to hear back from the prospective employers.

More to come. Will finish typing soon... After so much writing, trust me, writing is the LAST thing you will want to do. I repeat this, MBA is not for the faint hearted, ha ha :) There is a lot of hard work to do. But there are fruits at the end of the journey!


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