Monday, April 2, 2012

What does "six figure salary" mean? (Hint: Every MBA dreams of one, LOL)

Ok, you must have heard of people using the words "5 figure salary" or "six figure salaries" or "7 figure salary". But what on earth do they mean?!

The answer is simple. They refer to the number of digits in the amount. Examples below:
  • 5 (Five) figure salary means: 10,000 to 99,999
  • 6 (Six) figure salary means: 100,000 to 999,999
  • 7 (Seven) figure salary means: 1,000,000 to 9,999,999...
and so on.

Now, I know that it is the dream of every new MBA graduate to get a job offer with 6 figure salary, LOL. I wish you the very best!

- Gerry Som.
Final Year MBA student.

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