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Rogue Employee of Goldman Sachs - Greg Smith (Ex-Goldman Sachs Executive) gets $1.5 Million cash advance to write a ? kiss-and-tell-all book.

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I am not going to play a Moral Police Squad member today. I just found this story very interesting. But I am alarmed by the Corporate bashing here by self styled crusaders of morality. I am all for people power. But I feel negative public image about corporations needs to stop and stop now!

A guy gets a job with Goldman Sachs and works for them for 12 years. I presume he made some decent money from salaries and bonuses during those 12 years. I am sure that he did learn a lot from the company and advanced in his career. However, he is not happy with the way the company is being run. He is not happy with hbis superiors. He was bypassed for a promotion - or two. So what does he do?

Instead of taking up the issues with the HR of his company or his superiors, he quits the company. Oh no, not in an ordinary fashion. Not even like the Jet Blue employee who allegedly jumped out of the plane on the ground using the emergency slide. He resigns by maligning the company in a New York Times letter, no less. And causes the company to take a hit of billions in stock price for the day. And then, he goes on media rampage bad mouthing the ex-employer. Finally, he lands a book deal and is now going to write a tell all book about the company.

Talk about eating the cake and having it too!

Now I do not know much about this guy, Greg Smith. I do know about Goldman Sachs. Neither of them are perfect. I know a lot of people indulge in Goldman Sachs bashing. I will not. For me, Goldman Sachs is the company that introduced the term BRIC(S) to the world and N11. Goldman Sachs is the company that thousands of new MBAs from all over the world aspire to work for. It is one of the epitomes of success and achievement for a new grad to work. Of course the company is not perfect. But then, no body is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Perfection is overrated. Excellence is underrated.

Ok, to get back to the topic, this guy Greg Smith, if just using the company to make money. This guy is a RAT and NOT a HERO. If he is truly all about improving the company and not about maligning them, he should give that $1.5 Million to some African charity to save the lives of newborns or young children or provide food, water and medicine to poor Africans who need it. Making money out of maligning an ex-employer who took care of him for 12 years makes him a pimp and not a hero. This guy is no Robin Hood. Hope he does not indulge in Falsehood.

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