Tuesday, May 1, 2012

7 Smart Tips From Donald Trump

From the link: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/7-smart-things-to-learn-from-donald-trump.html?nav=linkedin

"The first building I put my name on was Trump Tower, which has become a top tourist site and remains as beautiful as when it opened in 1983. That was the beginning, for me, of the Trump brand."
  1. The Value of a Personal Brand - important to build recognition, quality
  2. Mistakes People Make When Selling - Salesmen should not appear sesperate
  3. What Makes a Great Entrepreneur - Do research, be passionate, believe.
  4. Branching Out Into New Endeavors - go for them, focus.
  5. Spotting Talent - seek confident people with a desire to learn & excel. Passion is a must.
  6. Bringing Your Kids Into the Business - set a good example
  7. Upside & Downside of Fame: there are +ses & -ses

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