Saturday, May 5, 2012

Does your first job decide your future job or your future career path?

So here are some questions:

"Does the first job you take up immediately after graduation decide what future career path you shall follow later on? Does your first job influence your future?"

Perhaps the answer is yes. To an extent. Once a person gets started on a job or in a position, he or she tends to develop a bond with the work and with the people at the work place. This bonding tends to make people continue on the same path in the future, as well.

It is perhaps like dating. Once you start dating a person, or once you start having positive feelings towards a person, you form a connection - a bond. And after that, it is not easy to break up, LOL. That is why people are cautious in the beginning.

Which is exactly the reason why you should pick and choose your connections wisely. Go for quality. Go for value. Go for producutivity and efficiency. I am glad that I found a good place to do my internship and that I shall have a chance to perhaps continue in the chosen field - Management Consulting!

There are MANY career paths that MBAs can choose after graduation. But there is no doubt - Management Consulting is one of the most presitigious career path that MBAs can choose. Working for a Management Consulting firm is impressive - anywhere in the world. I am so glad to have entered into the profession now.


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