Saturday, May 12, 2012

"If You Do The Right Things, You Need Less Luck" - Wisdom from Kumara Sangakkara (Sri Lankan cricketer).

From the link:

You never know from where you get nuggets of wisdom! Check these wonderful words uttered by a Sri Lankan cricketer. I am awed by his words!

"Its not only about luck, if you do the right things, you need less luck than you would if you are not doing that well." He believed that luck favours those who put in extra work. "Luck is something, I think, the harder you work, the better you do... (then) luck works for you. Sometimes luck can be an excuse, but that's not something we are looking at for what could have gone wrong for us," - Kumara Sangakkara (Sri Lankan cricketer).

Very well said, Sir!

- Gerry.

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