Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good idea to stick to your field or sector after your MBA

This is my thought, and I could be wrong, but I think it is a good idea for you to stick to your field after the MBA. I have a Medical background, and during the course of the MBA program, I was often tempted to switch to a field more profitable. I was attracted to Finance at some stage and was even rebellious, thinking "if others can do it, so can I". But at the end of it all, my thoughts are that I have to utilize my background and experience and leverage it to excel in the future. Additionally, healthcare has a good future. So it makes sense for me to stick to this field.

Of course, within healthcare, there are so many options for me like healthcare informatics, healthcare analytics, healthcare economics and various other medical services including marketing and sales, retail, distribution, consulting, finance, insurance and so on. So I guess I am going to stick to my sector. These are my thoughts for the day :)


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