Saturday, September 22, 2012

15 useful tips for securing employment

(Source: Training opportunities)
  1. Smell good / neutral for interview
  2. 20 seconds: Your cover letter / resume have 20 seconds to impress the recruiter
  3. Research the company well before the interview
  4. Information card: a hybrid of business card & a resume, describe you in 90 words or less
  5. Confirm with references that it is ok
  6. No novels please: Cover letter short and simple
  7. Become a go-to person
  8. Dress for success
  9. Honesty: Don't lie on your resume about your capabilities
  10. Quitting: Do it gracefully, have a back-up job ready in advance, give enough notice
  11. Don't chew gum during an interview (or on the phone)
  12. Careful about TMI (Too Much Information)
  13. Clear career objective: on your resume
  14. Practice makes perfect before interview
  15. No photos on resume, please !

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