Saturday, September 22, 2012

Useful tips to get a job interview

From the link:

1. Your IEI Quotient: Intelligence, Energy and Integrity.
2. An LOR. Include a Letter of Recommendation with your cover letter
3. Establish Your Interest. 
4. Résumé Review.
5. Make it Pop. A good recruiter will be able to ascertain within the first 10-15 seconds of opening your resumé or application whether or not you will even get a call or second look. Make something stand out at the top of the resumé or within the first paragraph of your cover letter.
6. Avoid Buzz Words.
7. Take the First One.
8. ASK Questions.
9. Do NOT go around the Recruiter or Hiring Manager.
10. Online Profiles. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, get one
11. Employee Referral.

12. Ethics. 
13. Be Qualified.

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