Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall 2012 - my FINAL MBA term

This is my last and final MBA term. I have one last subject left - MB8109 (Managerial Accounting & Finance), and then I will be done with my MBA. It was a longer journey for me personally, compared to many of my friends, but I took my own time and worked at a pace comfortable to me. I am glad it was this way, because I feel confident about being able to make a real difference upon graduation. I did not want to rush through the program. I took a term off in between. I took 4 courses instead of 5 in some terms.

Its going to be Fall season soon. Summer shall officially end. I look forward to starting my new job soon, while also running my new business simultaneously. I had a great internship experience, and learned a lot about entrepreneurship and healthcare management consulting. Life is good and I am grateful for what it is.


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