Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don't stop dreaming - Keep the Arrow dream alive !

I am one of the guys who thinks that the Avro Arrow project should not have been killed entirely. Ok, it could have been delayed, but NOT killed. That is unforgivable. There was NO need for the documents and the models to be destroyed. That should have been saved for future generations. If there was a project today, where it was possible to do a open source crowd-sourcing project to build rebuild the Arrow, I would work hours and hours for the project FREE, because that is a matter of national Canadian pride, and it would give me a lot of joy to participate. Keep the Arrow dream alive! Who knows, someday, we may build one right here in Toronto, Canada!

Watch these videos below for inspiration:

Across Canada, there seems to be a spirit of "Bring back the arrow" in the past few days.
Go Canada!

Check out the links below:

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