Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to finish your MBA reports on time :)))

There are going to be a ton of reports to written during the MBA program. Here are some useful tips to complete them on time. Check out the link below:

5 Tips to Fight Procrastination

There may be an endless number of digital distractions today, but we can’t blame our tendency to procrastinate solely on Youtube and Facebook.For many, mild procrastination is harmless. But for others, procrastination can be a major stumbling block, particularly in today’s growing freelance economy. Consider a freelancer whose paycheck is tied to productivity, or an entrepreneur who wants to start a new business. In these cases, procrastination can be costly.Here are five simple tips to get something done today:

1) Don't wait for perfection
2) Create a sense of urgency
3) Break a large project into little tasks
4) Work with your natural rythms and habits
5) Conduct a time audit regularly

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