Thursday, October 11, 2012

2010 student stats & how stats affect MBA salary reports and figures

(Part-Time students make up approx. 69% of the Ryerson MBA students. These figures are for year 2010, I think)

Full Time : 50 students
Part Time : 66 students

Full Time : 30 students
Part Time : 53 students

Full Time : 5 students
Part Time : 4 students

This is one of the things about the MBA program. A lot of the students are part time students, who are ALREADY on high paying jobs! That messes up the final results because these people form almost 7/10ths of the MBA program !!!

If a survey was done ONLY to include NEW GRADUTES, who were not on a full time job while doing the MBA program, and got a new job, as a result of the MBA program, then, it would be different! If this MBA salary survey was used to calculate ONLY the Full Time MBA students, the results would have been different.

When both part time and full time student information is mixed up, then the picture presented does NOT tell the real story. People join an MBA program because they believe that their salaries will go up as a direct contribution of MBA learning and MBA degree certificate.

How effective is the MBA program to actually create jobs? What are the statistics? A detailed picture or an annual report is not available for public consumption. And whatever information is available does not present the complete picture.


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