Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polymath / Renaissance Man: What a General MBA student should aspire to be.

From the link:

A Polymath or a Renaissance Man is a person who has knowledge of many fields. It is helpful for an MBA student, especially a general MBA student to have a great width and where necessary, significant depth of knowledge.

polymath (Greekπολυμαθήςpolymathēs, "having learned much") sometimes referred to as a Renaissance man, is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. In less formal terms, a polymath (or polymathic person) may simply be someone who is very knowledgeable. Most ancient scientists were polymaths by today's standards.

The term was first used in the seventeenth century but the related term, polyhistor, is an ancient term with similar meaning. The common term Renaissance man has been used historically to describe polymaths or persons who aspired to be polymaths. The concept emerged from the numerous great thinkers of that era who excelled in multiple fields of the arts and science, including Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloGalileo GalileiNicolaus Copernicus, and Francis Bacon


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