Saturday, October 13, 2012

Amanda Todd's Story: ---> A story of (a 15 year old girl's experiences of) Struggling, Bullying, Self Harm, Anxiety, Depression & Suicide.

This is one of the saddest YouTube videos that I have ever seen. A 15 year old girl, Amanda Todd committed suicide (after multiple attempts to commit suicide in the past) in Western Canada in October 2012. She had faced bullying and harassment, and that had led to her depression and anxiety.

I feel sad about 2 things:

  • She should not have given up so easily. She should have fought back for her rights. But it is easier said than done. She was young, and a girl - she was vulnerable
  • Society should have done more to help her. It is unforgivable that any person was treated that way. 
This is the sad truth about the world. If you are weak, people will stamp all over you. You HAVE TO BE STRONG to stand up for your rights. One of the nicest things that my mother had told me when I was a young boy was this: "If you are right about something, NEVER BE AFRAID". 

It is time to fight bullying in all its forms in all places: Workplace, School, Classrooms, Homes, in public places - everywhere. BULLYING HAS TO STOP, people !!!

Is there bullying in MBA schools? Hell yeah! Yes, it is not open and violent and gross, but there are forms of subtle bullying that may be experienced - from peers, from seniors, from people in positions of power, and so on. Luckily I have never seen or heard of stories of Hazing (or ragging, as called in India) anywhere. That is a plus :)

In general graduate programs are extremely peaceful and pleasant. And that is good to know. 

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