Saturday, October 13, 2012

US politician "We are taking this country back"

US politician: "We are taking this country back".
? Back to the last century, especially on women's rights?

The problem right now is that people want INSTANT GRATIFICATION. The economy was in the tank 4 years back, and now, all of a sudden before the next elections, people want everything picture perfect - ain't possible. These things take time - the same is true with businesses - there are no miraculous recoveries.

The unemployment rate is now down to 7.8%. Disaster has been averted. Jobs are being created. With time, things should get better. As long as there is a focus on real growth, not artificial growth through manipulation (building bubbles), the US economy will make progress. Slow and steady wins the race. Some of the Keynesian policies have taken effect.

Barack Obama needs to be re-elected in order to achieve real growth. Yes, it is a slow and painful process, but it needs to be done right - real growth, not new bubbles. (Yes, the thing with bubbles is that they are a lot of fun - rising tide lifts all boats. Problem is that not everyone knows how to manipulate the system to make long lasting benefits. Many people suffer when the bubble pops). Enough with the bubbles. Say yes to real growth.

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