Monday, October 15, 2012

Shame on the haters + the angst against Corporations

Ok, so Toronto Star is one of my favorite newspapers. I read it every single day. But some people do things to spoil the reputation of Toronto Star. Doug Smith wrote an article insulting the Red Bull Stratos project and called it a mere publicity stunt. Link:

Update: My response to Doug Smith (that I posted on Toronto Star's Facebook page):
"Dear Doug, I LOVE Toronto Star. But please, do not belittle what Felix did. Kids love this. This is a triumph for science, and for mankind. This is no small feat. So what if it was sponsored by a corporation? These things are expensive to organize. A record that had not been broken for 50+ years has been broken by OUR generation. I salute Felix. But then, again, Doug, we are all entitled to our own opinions, eh?"

 When the whole world is praising Felix, this reporter disses Felix. Why? That's because it was sponsored by a corporation. Can't believe how much people hate corporations.

Yes, corporations are interested in making profits for shareholders. But if you don't like a corporation, stop using their products. Self-interest is a part of everyone's behavior. Yes, some businesses have crossed the line. But that does not mean that everything done by corporations has to be dissed.

Moreover, this was a scientific exercise. Would the reporter have dissed it if his own child had made the jump? Hypocrisy and double standards. Sad, but true. This is the truth about the world. There are all kinds of people and while making business decisions, we have to account for all kinds of people.

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