Monday, October 15, 2012

Israel: Start Up Nation. Very inspiring !

I came across an article by accident on the internet about Healthcare in Israel. There has been praise for the healthcare system in Israel. Link below:

This made me think about the country, and did a few searches. Found some more useful links (did not spend too much time on research, perhaps some other day):

Here are some interesting facts (The more I read about Israel, the more fascinated I become...) 

  • 64 years old
  • The third highest number of companies listed on the NASDAQ after America and China.
  • Over 120 Israeli companies listed on U.S. exchanges, including about 60 on the NASDAQ (second only to China, but with better return on stocks)
  • Highest number of high-tech start ups (estimated to be 3,500, ranging from internet companies to software solutions, outside of the US)
  • Biggest hub for global VC
  • Hub of R&D, Innovation
  • Incredibly good at problem solving. They are trained to never accept barriers and always try and solve an issue – no matter how difficult it is. This makes Israel very strong in technology & Quants (but lagging a bit on B2C, as per reports).
And yes, Israel is the birthplace of Bar Rafaeli... :)

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