Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Types of Business Reports

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Informational Reports

  • When you need to provide information without opinion or suggestions, an informational report is typically the best format. For example, if you need information about how many employees work in each department and their job function, you would create an informational report. You might include employee names, years of service and salary, as well as an organizational chart. Another type of informational report might provide spending breakdowns by department or types of spending. Informational reports can be further broken down into time frames, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Analytical Reports

  • When a company is trying to solve a problem or make a decision, an analytical report might be necessary. These reports offer both a narration of facts as well as data, explanations and conclusions. For example, a quarterly sales analysis might detail corporate initiatives, sales, expenditures and profit and loss. It could include successful endeavors as well as not-so-successful endeavors. An analytical report of this type might describe the company's advertising and promotional activities and their results.

Research Reports

When executives make decisions about new products and services, expanding personnel or layoffs, they might use research reports. Research specialists or teams are given an issue or topic and asked to create a report that provides all details about the topic, including relevant facts and statistics. The report typically offers the conclusions of the researcher(s) as well as alternate options and their potential outcomes, all backed up by the appropriate research.

The following are the two bases of classifying the reports-
  • According to function, and
  • According to formality.
According to functions the reports may be divided into three parts:
  • Informational reports.
  • Analytical reports
  • Research reports.
According to formality the reports may be divided into two parts:
  • Statutory reports
  • Non statutory or voluntary reports.
The above two may further be divided into two parts again, i.e. (i) routine reports and (ii) special reports.
Which are some of the commonly used reports?
  • Marketing reports
  • Technical reports
  • Progress reports
  • Financial reports
  • Market research reports
  • Audit report
  • Test report
  • Annual general meeting report
  • Appraisal report
  • Quality testing report
  • Project report
  • Business Consulting report
  • Implementation report
  • Consulting Proposal report
  • Business Plans

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