Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why did I take the longer route for my MBA? (24 months, instead of 16 months / 6 terms, instead of 4 terms)

I started my MBA in September 2012, and I will complete my MBA in December 2012 (24 months after starting the MBA - excluding the term off)

Why did I take the longer route for my MBA? 6 terms, instead of 4 terms. 
  • I took a term off in between to attend to some personal work
  • I took only 4 subjects per term instead of 5
  • I had to drop 2 subjects during one of my terms (due to death of dad)
  • I came from a non-commerce background. Did not start with my Foundation subjects - (I started directly into full time courses without learning the basics). So I had to take my Foundation courses ALONG with my Full Time MBA. 
  • I struggled with Quants a bit, and struggled with personal finances during my MBA too (did not have a bank loan available, my OSAP was delayed by a whole year, and I had to do part time job through my studies)
  • One of the subjects is offered only in the Fall term and not in any other term (Managerial Accounting and Finance). So you have to wait until Fall term to do it (which I am doing now). You have the option of doing it from another University, but I did not want to do that. I am comfortable doing it at my own University
  • I believe personally in a 2 year MBA program - not a 1 year MBA. A 1 year MBA is too quick to absorb the experiences (in my personal view). I did not want to feel rushed through the program. I wanted to soak in the experience and really get a deep understanding of my subjects. I wanted to do some personal research on the side - and I have done that too. In fact, I have developed some of my own theories about wealth creation. 
  • A 2 year MBA has meant delay in getting into the workforce full time, but I this is JUST the way I like it. I know that once I complete the program and enter the job force, I will not have the time to get back to books again. I may not even go back to University again. I am an immigrant from India (here in Canada only since 2006), and I have NEVER been to a North American University before. This was my chance, and I took full advantage of the campus experience. Even though I was not fond of pubbing or clubbing, I got a good idea about MBA events, and MBA lifestyle. 
  • This has been a spectator sport for me - I have silently watched the happenings from the sidelines and absorbed so much. I feel that I can write a book about MBA life now. I feel that I can start a counseling program and offer MBA consulting services. I feel that I can run a recruiting service and help MBA grads find jobs. I have already started a Medical services business and feel that it will do great! There is something called "the parable of the pipeline" - I have built the pipeline in my 2 years spent in the MBA program. It is just a matter of turning the tap on, and starting the flow of benefits - I am very confident that I can make it happen, and I will, for sure - watch me :)
  • This is one of those cases where you have to be true to yourself and satisfy yourself, irrespective of the frameworks or regulations. I am happy to say that I have gotten myself the MBA experience that I wanted.  

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