Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Business Dynamics + "Good Business Dynamics Can Create a Good Dynamic Business"

Business Dynamics. Another term I coined just now. You can tell I have some free time on my hands today, ha ha. Ya man! Why not? This is another term that NEEDS to be in the Business Vocabulary! Come on, Business Thinkers, we need to do better. This term needs to become popular, and fast!

Business Dynamics as I define it is: "The power-play or power-interest relationship between a business and its stakeholders or competitors. In addition, it can refer to the constant state of flux or change within a business or in relation to its external environment". Some of the tools to study Business Dynamics can be Stakeholder analyses, SWOT analyses, STEEPLED analyses, and Porter's Five Forces Analyses - all in a TREND format, not in a static format

There needs to be a new business model to study this and there needs to be a new way of documenting these findings. We need NEW business tools and business models, people !!!

Ok, so here is an original quote by me, created just now:
"Good Business Dynamics Can Create a Good Dynamic Business" - by Gerry Som. 27th November 2012

And after coining the term, I did an online search, and found this link below. Ok, so there is a book on the topic, but there is NO formal definition yet. Link for the book: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_dynamics

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