Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Business Premonition

Ok, this is a term that I just created.

Business Premonition as I define it: "The predictions, hunches or intuition about future business events, with the intention of preventing adverse business outcomes. They may be based on subconscious existential knowledge, past evidence based learning, and past trends, with quantitative and qualitative analyses or may even be calculated guesses".

I personally feel that there is a LOT that remains yet to be discovered in the Business Management Science and the Business world. There is room for a lot of new invention and discovery.

I found some information on this in the links below (after I did an online search AFTER coining the term myself - hey, it is possible for 2 people to think alike, bro):

Book by Larry Dossey and Barbara Dossey as below, called "The Power of Premonitions".  Download the interview in a PDF format by doing an online search.

"If people have the ability to sense the future, why aren't they rich?" This is one of the most frequent questions I've been asked by readers of my book The Power of Premonitions. The fact is, some are very rich, and they attribute their wealth in part to their ability to sense the future. As Bill Gates says, "Sometimes, you have to rely on intuition." Or as Oprah states, "My business skills have come from being guided by my inner self -- my intuition." And as Donald Trump admits, "I've built a multi-billion empire by using my intuition." But what do these highly successful individuals mean by intuition? Most people agree that intuition is a kind of instinctive knowing, without the support of logic, analysis, inference, or actual evidence. When an intuition involves a prediction or a sense of what will happen in the future, the intuition becomes indistinguishable from a premonition, a feeling or belief that something is going to happen. Evidence suggests that the use of premonitions in business is widespread and is correlated with financial success. The favored term for this ability is not premonitions, however, but "business intuition." There is a growth industry purporting to teach people how to unleash their intuitive powers in the business world. Google specifies over a quarter million Web sites devoted to "Business Intuition."

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