Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lobbying for USA = Corruption in India. Acceptable Corporate Culture in USA = Unacceptable Ethical Behaviour in India.

From the link:

What is LOBBYING for American corporations to secure international trade,
Could be CURRUPTION in the countries where the money is paid out...

What is an acceptable corporate culture in USA,
Is not an acceptable culture in India.

Take the example above.
  • Walmart has spent $25,000,000 in India on lobbying.
  • Do you they got receipts / bills / invoices for this spending? NO !!!
  • Do you think this income was declared by the recepients in India? NO !!!
  • Do you think the recepients in India paid taxes in India? NO !!!
  • Do you think the reccepients in India consider it lobbying? NO !!! It is corruption.


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