Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Business School" ---> to "The School of Life". "University Enrollment" to "Unemployment". Counting the days of unemployment....

  • I think I was unofficially done with Business School on 10 December 2012!
  • I will officially graduate in mid June 2013 (will have a formal University graduation ceremony with gown and hat). Ryerson University has 2 graduation ceremonies a year: in October and in June.
  • My status has changed from MBA student to Unemployed Graduate, I think!
  • I will keep a count of my days of Unemployment, now on.
  • I will consider December 10 2012 as the last day of my Ryerson MBA (since it was the day I completed all my tests and assignments).
  • Let me see if the truth matches the assumption that all Ryerson MBA graduates get employed within a few months and make a salary of $87,000 on average. 
  • Every day of being unemployed after graduation is a minimum of $200 lost everyday. So it is better to keep track of the number of days, and try to get into a decent MBA level job at the earliest!

Today is DAY 2 of UNEMPLOYMENT after my MBA !!! 

So far, I have tried really hard to gain employment. What have I done so far?
  • I have applied to more than 4000 jobs (within Canada only) since September 2011
  • I have my resume up on every major job site in Canada
  • I have my resume up on the career website of every major corporation in Canada
  • I have a decent online presence and online profile
  • I am a Canadian citizen, so I am eligible for a TN visa and to work in USA.
  • My preferred line of work is: Management Consulting, Business Analysis, and Administrative Managerial position
  • Sectors I like: Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Service Industry, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Mining, Oil & gas, Natural Resources, etc. Anything will do. I can apply my MBA knowledge in any field.
  • I would love to make $100,000 a year ($100K / yr) in salary, but will probably NOT accept anything below Can$87,000 a year ($87K / yr) - my B-School average salary - link here - (coz I don't want to bring down the average, eh? :)
  • I think I will stay in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and not move outside Ontario. There are enough businesses in the GTA region
  • Traveling is ok with me (25% to 75%). I have a valid driver's licence for Ontario (and will probably buy a car after employment)
  • I have had 3 phone interviews 
  • I have had 3 personal interviews 
  • (Total of 3 + 3 = 6 interviews in the last 12 months)
  • I have had 1 successsful selection (and that was for an unpaid internship only)
  • Ultimately, one ends up with a job contract he / she accepts. No one is forced to do a job - it is a free market where two people agree upon a contract. You have to market yourself well, I guess. follow the 5 Ps and apply them for yourself:
  • Position yourself well
  • Price yourself well
  • Promote yourself well
  • Apart from making sure you are a good product, applying the the right places, and networking with the right people...

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