Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dealing with Gatekeepers While Job-Hunting / Making Sales Calls

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One HAS to be good at sales, no matter what you do, where you do it. Selling yourself, your ideas or your product is a part of life. However, during these sales calls or during job hunting, you encounter GATEKEEPERS - people in charge of grauding information or access to what you want - a sale or job.

What do Gatekeepers do?
  • Provide limited or no information to jobseekers
  • Point every applicant down the same path for applying
  • Comply with company procedure pertaining to hiring practices
Here are some useful tips about dealing with GateKeepers:
  • Establish a friendly rapport
  • Be human
  • Be confident
  • Let your smile come across on the phone
  • Do not read from notes
  • Sound natural
  • Speak on a first name basis if necessary
  • More tips below (Do read the 2 articles from the links above).
  • P.S: This is not about scamming people, but genuienly doing your job as a salesman or a job seeker.
The Sales Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Opening the Gate:
  • Be Likable:
  • Use Please, Please:
  • Provide Full Information:
  • Connect:
  • Hold The Cheese:

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