Saturday, February 23, 2013

Got a break after completing my MBA studies!

Here is how the recent turn of events were, for me, as a new MBA:

  • Completed final exam of MBA on 10 December 2012
  • Received final results on 10 January 2013 -- formal completion of MBA
  • Graduation ceremony in June 2013
  • Got a break on 20 February 2013 (40 days from 10 Jan 2013)
I am happy to have completed my MBA studies. Happy to have explored the job market thoroughly. Happy to have made plenty of professional networks. Happy to have understood how the world works. Happy to have made plenty of friends during the MBA. Happy to have gotten a break!

In short, an MBA is worth it. An MBA helps people improve their lives and careers. Should you do an MBA? Hell, yeah !!!

Gerry Som, MBA. :)

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