Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Financial Lessons From The Baby-Boomer Generation / Retirement Tips for Generation X and Generation Y from Generation BB

From the link: http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/blogs/pay-day-/done-baby-boomer-reveal-deepest-financial-regrets-225707221.html

  1. Why Didn’t I Save for Retirement?
  2. I Squandered My Intellectual Capital
  3. I Should Never Have Taken That Early Withdrawal From My Pension Fund
  4. Credit Card Debt Nearly Ruined My Retirement
  5. We Should Have Never Sold Our Dream Home
  6. Health, Money and First Impressions
  7. I Regret Our Fixer-Upper House Purchase
  8. It Seemed Like the Rise of the Stock Market Was Never Going to End
In other words, these are the lessons to keep in mind as you get older:
  1. Save early, save often and save more for retirement
  2. Get training / education early on, to stay employed in older years
  3. Don't withdraw money from your pension fund
  4. Don't get into deep credit card debt, and maintain a good credit score
  5. Don't cash out on your house by getting additional loans / selling it
  6. Good health has financial value -- is the equivalent of money, since it will enable you to work longer, reduce dependency on others, and spend less from the pocket on healthcare
  7. When buying a house, don't buy a cheap one, instead, buy one that will gain value over time, in the long run
  8. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially a basket called as the stock market or stock market dependent funds

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