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About this Blog:

I started writing this blog in August 2010 because I love blogging. It is a lot of fun. It is my online diary, that I do not mind sharing with the world. I believe it shall help others who intend to pursue MBA or are interested in learning about Business management. I imagine that it shall help others doing their MBA degrees elsewhere to connect with what I am conveying. This is a means to get to know people and make new friends around the world.

How you can benefit from this blog:-
  • This blog is mainly for people who are already in MBA programs. They can relate to this best. But this blog is also useful for people who are not into an MBA program yet and wish to join. They can get an idea about what the MBA experience is all about, and what are the topics that people pursuing MBA need to know about. 
  •  The FASTEST way to find a topic in this blog is to use the "SEARCH BOX" available on the right border. Enter the word that you want to search and click on search. I have arranged the settings such that only results from this blog shall be shown, and not from all of internet. 
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  • More recently, I began writing MBA related articles / re-publishing articles from the internet.I have labelled them "Info-from-Internet"
  • My initial thought was to limit my posts to my own thoughts and write only about my experiences. But then, I decided to make this blog informative with relevant content from other sources as well. I have spent a LOT of time doing research and writing these blogs. I want my fellow MBA students or aspiring MBAs or MBA graduates to be able to benefit from my research by getting ready made, customized, easy to read, selective articles!
Gerry Som, MBA.