List of My VIDEOS

(Sorry, I deleted a few video blogs from the past - #1 to #6 & #9 - video resume, integrative week explainer, and so on, as they are not relevant anymore, and as my personal circumstances have changed now ---> I went from being an MBA student to a seeker of professional job. Plus started my own business. Did not want all my student videos online! Thanks for understanding :)

Here is a list of my Video blogs:-
  1. Video Blog 7: Guitar player at Yonge-Bloor.
  2. Video Blog 8: MBA Class Party.
  3. Video Blog 10: Top MBA Blog contest.
  4. Video Blog 11: 2nd Place in Blog contest!
  5. Video Blog 12: My Travel Pics
  6. Video Blog 13: MRP Poster session
  7. Video Blog 14: MBA Graduation Day: 
Here is a list of my presentations in the classroom during my MBA:-
  1. Marketing (foundation course) class presentation.
  2. Strategy class presentation.
  3. Human Resources class presentation.
  4. Financial Accounting class presentation - Part 1.
  5. Financial Accounting class presentation - Part 2.
  6. Global Marketing class presentation:
  7. Fall 2011 Integrative Week presentation (my part):
  8. International Entrepreneurship presentation:
  9. Ethics & CSR (Walmart case) presentation:   
Ryerson MBA LipDub Music Video for MBA games
  1. Business School's LipDub that I took part in: