Monday, January 16, 2012

Just discovered some EXCELLENT videos about Economics on YouTube


Table of Contents for AP Economics Videos (The lists are LIVE links. Click on them for the videos :) These videos are similar to the videos by Sal Khan of . Only, these videos are on Economics. Just check them out, encourage Arnold with appreciative comments and help him get some fame, people :) People who work hard and try to do good to society NEED to be encouraged and appreciated. Trust me, every body needs some attention from time to time :)

Here is a sample video 

Below are the live links. Enjoy :)

1. The Entrepreneur
2. Rent vs. Buy
3. Opportunity Cost
4. Comparative Advantage
5. Production Possibility Frontier
6. Arbitrage
7. Factors of Production
8. Substitution
9. Outsourcing, part one
10. Outsourcing, part two
11. Outsourcing and technology
12. Outsourced beyond all recognition
13. Economic Concepts in starting businesses
14. GDP and what it measures
15. Nominal vs. real GDP
16. GDP Calculations
17. Growth Calculations
18. GDP and the Standard of Living
19. Income Equals Spending
20. Simple Keynesian Model
21. Fiscal Policy
22. Fiscal Policy with a tax function
23. Interest Rates, Investment, and Net Exports
24. Aggregate Supply and Demand
25. Long-run Aggregate Supply and Phillips Curve
26. The Great Depression
27. The 1970s and the Phillips Curve Shift
28. The Great Moderation and the Great Recession
29. Monetarism
30. Money
31. Neutrality of Money
32. How the Fed Creates Money
33. Tools of Monetary Policy
34. Liquidity Trap
35. Loanable Funds and the Money Market
36. The Real Interest Rate
37. Supply-side Economics
38. The Real Wage and AS
39. Saving, Investment, and the Trade Balance
40. The Foreign Exchange Market
41. Optimal Currency Areas
42. Market-clearing Price
43. Market Equilibrium
44. Supply and Demand Analysis
45. Substitutes and Complements
46. Elasticity of Demand
47. Income Elasticity of Demand
48. 49. Producers' and Consumers' Surplus
50. Price and Quantity Controls
51. Taxes, Consumers' Surplus, and Producers' Surplus
52. Private vs. Social Cost
53. Public Goods and Private Goods
54. Public Finance and Public Choice
55. Profit Maximization
56. Who's Yo' Demand Curve?
57. Total Revenue and Marginal Revenue
58. Average Cost and Marginal Cost
59. Profit Maximization, Demand and Cost
60. Monopolistic Competition
61. Perfect Competition
62. Oligopoly
63. Oligopoly and Game Theory
64. Natural Monopoly and Price Discrimination
65. The Law of Diminishing Returns
66. Fixed and Variable Cost
67. Costs: a numerical example
68. Price Discrimination Explains Everything
69. Consumer Utility
70. More Consumer Trade-offs
71. Factor Demand
72. PSST
73. When Copies are Cheap

Videos with Arnold's random opinions: 

(1) Where I Stand vs. policy wonks
(2) My Jobs Speech
(3) The Great Debate
(4) Game Theory: Two Illustrations

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