Friday, February 24, 2012

Academic Champion or Real World Champion? What should final year MBAs try to become?

This is a thought that I keep repeating often. My apologies. But this is important for me and this is what I am undergoing right now.

What to focus on, over the next few months - job or studies?

JOB focus in good - because - well, lets face it, we need to pay the bills. But it is also important because theory alone can not make a student good enough and can not enable learning enough. Let us face it. All or most of our teaching is classroom based. There is NO off class activity right now. That is why we have - an Internship. For practical, hands on learning. But getting into a job too early shall mean that one is like a half baked cake - the fundamentals of business (knowledge) may not be fully formed.

ACADEMIC focus is good as well - and this is because there is just SO MUCH to learn. Sometimes, we students are like those newly hatched baby birds that are scared to fly off the nest. We like the warmth, security and cozyness of the institution so much that we are a bit apprehensive to jump into a job scene. However, what is true is this - when an MBA student is very good at his knowledge and skills - the sky is the limit for career growth.

A JOB focus shall mean that the candidate chases any available job or perhaps waits for a dream job.

ACADEMIC focus shall perhaps mean that the candidate shall look at PhD or Research. Or take further courses like DAM (Diploma in Advanced Management) or an Post-MBA Diploma and further strengthen his skills.

I am right now in the middle of something similar.

I LOVE studying my MBA subjects. But at my own pace and at my own style and following my own taste. I would love to get to the depths of all the subjects before flying the nest and going out into the real world and doing magic!

Yes, once I am on the job, I would love to do some Corporate Magic, ha ha :) ---> Reduce losses, Increase profits, streamline processes, increase efficiency, keep all tasks up to date and make the company a leader in the field. Anything less is an insult to the books that I have read and the classes that I have attended, LOL.

MBAs are respected for a reason. The general public has faith in MBAs for a reason. And we MBAs must do our best to live up to those expectations and deliver results!

- Gerry Som.

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