Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mars One Introduction ---> ---> Humans want to go to Mars now! Seems crazy now. But could become a possibility. Who knows?

Movie shows how Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. Special appearance by Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Gerard 't Hooft. More information visit

From the link:

Picture of Mars, below, as it is right NOW:

Map of Mars below (Imagine different COUNTRIES on Mars someday :) What if we mess up Planet Earth, we could have another planet available!:

Pic of Earth compared to Mars:

Here's a joke. Proof that there is water on Mars :)))

But hey, what if Mars was really filled with water? How would it look? (Right now, the gravity of Mars is low and due to low pressure, water can not stay in liquid form on the surface. It turns to vapour. But it is believed to exist in iced form at the poles - an actual ice cap!) Here, below, is a computer artist's imagination (imagine what would happen if all of humans collectively tried to send man to mars, instead of fighting STUPID WARS. We humans are crazy. Stop fighting, people!!! :)

Finally, a thought:
Man has been to the Moon 6 times in the 20th century. We have sent many Moon rovers and rockets to the Moon already. We need to go for the next challenge now - Mars! Venus is too hot to go to. Not to forget that it is closer to the Sun and hence, greater radiation levels shall exist. But perhaps Mars exploration shall be worthwhile? We need to have some great achievement in OUR lifetime, for OUR generation. Those in the late 60s and early 70s had their Moon landing moment. Time for us to have OUR moment of glory - a Mars landing!

Below is a picture of  some of the missions to Moon so far:

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