Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Symptoms and Signs of Corporate Illness + The Treatment !!!

When a person has developed a disease, his body develops some symptoms and shows some signs, right - fever, headache, malaise and so on... Do you think there are signs and symptoms in organizations and businesses, that can lead to a diagnosis (preferably early diagnosis) of illness in a business? The answer is Yes. Check out the article below:

From the link:
  1. Communication decreases.
  2. Criticism and blame increase.
  3. Respect decreases.
  4. Isolation increases.
  5. Focus turns inward. 
  6. Rifts widen and inequities grow.
  7. Aspirations diminish.
  8. Initiative decreases.
  9. Negativity spreads.
Do read the complete article from the link above. This is a fantastic read !!!

What is the treatment for the illness as described above? here you go!

  • Keep communication open and information flowing.
  • Emphasize personal responsibility. 
  • Model respect for talent and achievements at every level.
  • Offer frequent public thanks and praise
  • Convene conversations across groups.
  • Stress common purpose.
  • Work on reducing inequities and status differences.
  • Provide opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Raise aspirations.
  • Reward initiative. 
  • Reinforce the positive by saying and demonstrating that change is possible.
  • Ignore the voices of negativity.

  • The following are 6 ways about how great companies are built. There are six facets of institutional logic, which radically alters leadership and corporate behavior (from the link:
    1. Common purpose
    2. Long-term view
    3. Emotional engagement
    4. Community building
    5. Innovation 
    6. Self-organization